Semi Web


Semiweb represents your seminar database on the Internet . Your clients and prospects can register on the Internet , store addresses and payment details and sign for seminars or log off.
Semi receives adresses and accessdata from SemiWeb. So müssen You only have to check and aprove your entered data. Semi also can create a SEPA file for automatic loading of credit transfers.

private user area

Each registered user has access to his private user area in SemiWeb. Here you can revice adressdetails and get access to the registration history. If downloading documents are available for seminars you can access these files here .

Semi Exchange: Application with included online class register und funcions for teachers

There is a specifically application for your Teachers, speakers and coaches.

your Teachers, speakers and coaches secure online access to your seminar information with semi Exchange. That contains a list of Hierzu gehört eine Liste der current seminar schedule and theire attendees.
your speakers and trainers can lead an attendance list , whichis reviced in semi. You can send messages from your SMS Gateway, write employment references, create invoices or user reviews use Semi Exchange to bring it to the server.

SemiWeb: integration into an existing website and corporate identity

SemiWeb was designed to fit into an existing website. Manny functions can be configured in SemiWeb. This also includes setting color schemes. You also can create a Slideshow on your landing page and link the pictures with your events.